Monday, November 15, 2010

Booth Looking Good

We have the booth looking good and the SmartBoard and software work great. Should be creating a lot of fun creative learning spaces.
Are a thousand photos worth a single picture? See the Seqouyah collage at the NSU booth.
Learn how students master the Cherokee language by observing a lesson module at the NSU booth.
Think you know your DNA? Or how to study for a test? Visit Dr. DeBanzie to learn how he uses podcasts and other technology to aid student learning.
Math, Music and pre-schoolers learning algebra. Try a lesson module at our NSU booth.
Take home a souvenir of having your name written in Cherokee by our NSU students. Three to a visitor so have your kids' name translated, too.
Bring your creativity and design the ideal learning space on our whiteboard. Classroom? Your personal space? Amenities? Draw and share on our blogspot.
NSU booth looks great. Stop by to see us on Tuesday and Wednesday for Cherokee calligraphy, Math and Music Connection, podcasts, whiteboard and freebies.