Music and Math Connection

All aboard in the NSU booth as Dr. Jim Faulconer and Dr. Martha Parrott explain the exciting relationship between math and music, and how today's teachers can incorporate music into their math learning environment for lively, lasting results.

Dr. Jim Faulconer
President, Creative Thinking in Action (CTIA, Inc,)

Dr. James Faulconer is a retired Rothbaum professor of music theory and chair of the Department of Music Technology at the University of Oklahoma in 2004. As associate dean of fine arts, he was instrumental in creating degree programs allowing for the combination of disciplines. He co-founded the de Stwolinski Center for Music Theory Pedagogy, the publisher of the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy. This internationally-acclaimed refereed journal has subscriptions from major academic libraries in the U.S. and 43 foreign countries.

Dr. Faulconer has numerous scholarly articles published in national journals on subjects ranging from aural perception of music to curriculum design. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill series, "Music with MIDI," the publication for implementing MIDI technology in the general music classroom. He is also the co-author of "MIDI for Kids," a 12-volume set of materials for teachers of small-group keyboard and guitar classes. His 50+ year's experience as a professional player serves as the philosophical basis for both programs and publications.

Dr. Faulconer is also co-creator of All Aboard, the Music and Math Connection, a unique program for children ages 3-6. This program uses the power of music to discover the fun of math by using cross-discipline connections to help teachers, children and parents grasp the fun of learning about how the world is organized.

Dr. Martha Parrott
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Martha Parrott received her M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of Houston and her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a mathematics education emphasis from Oklahoma State University. She joined the Northeastern State University faculty in 2001 and is an associate professor of mathematics in the College of Science and Health Professions. Her research interests include the blending of music and mathematics to nurture divergent thinking and also the confluent nature of efficacy, dispositions, and autonomy within the context of teacher preparation.

She is the author of "Mathematics Teaching Efficacy Beliefs: Pre-Service Elementary and Pre-Service Secondary Teachers" (2009). As a Circle of Excellence Teaching Award recipient and a DaVinci Institute Fellow, she has been recognized for her creative approach to teaching mathematics. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and is often an invited speaker at national conferences. Dr. Parrott serves on the DaVinci Institute Board, is president of the Northeastern Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Teacher Association, and volunteers to direct the NSU Mathematics Clinic on the Broken Arrow campus, where pre-service teachers provide tutoring service to students in grades 1–6.