Planning Committee Members

Aaron Anderson, Producer of Creative Learning Space, Cherokee Language Unit, and Guest Reel videos
Video Projects Coordinator for Communications and Marketing

Dana Boren-Boer, Marketing Coordinator
University Marketing Coordinator for University Relations

Barbara Brown, Technology Coordinator
Interim Chief Information Officer

Melissa Cloud, Website/Blog Coordinator
Web Team Coordinator for Communications and Marketing

Chris Garrett, Mosaic Photography and Display
Web Application Developer for Information Technology Services

Peter Henshaw, University Photographer
University Photographer for Communications and Marketing

Mark Kinders, Project Coordinator
Vice President for University Relations

Stephanie Miller, Development of Mosaic
Director of Client Services for Information Technology Services

Melissa Parton, Logistics Assistant
Administrative Assistant for University Relations

Kimbra Scott, Logistics Coordinator
Director of University Relations for Branch Campuses

Jennifer Zehnder, Projects Assistant
Interim Director of Communications and Marketing

Cherokee Language Calligraphy

Danielle Culp
Sophomore, Cherokee Cultural Studies

Sherry Gammon
Senior, Cherokee Cultural Studies

Wyman Kirk
, Cherokee Language Education and Calligraphy Advisor/Consultant
Assistant Professor, Cherokee Language Program for Department of Languages and Literature

Patrick Rockford
Freshman, Cherokee Language Education

Kristen Smith-Snell, Cherokee Calligraphy Coordinator
Administrative Assistant, Cherokee Language Program for Department of Languages and Literature

Cherokee Renewal

Phyllis Fife, Cherokee Language Unit Coordinator
Director for Center for Tribal Studies

Travis Tyree Wolfe
Senior, Cherokee Language Education Major

Chris Amayetli Smith
Senior, Cherokee Cultural Studies & Math Double Major

Creative Learning Space

Dr. Kay Grant
Dean of College of Education

Richard Shelton
Instructor for Center for Teaching and Learning

Creatively Exploring Classroom Technology

Dr. John de Banzie
Professor of Biology

Math and Music Connections

Mike Allen, Producer of Math and Music Connection video
Instructional Design Specialist, Microcomputing Services

Dr. James Faulconer
President, Creative Thinking in Action (CTIA, Inc,)

Martha Parrott, Music and Math Connection; DaVinici Institute NSU Representative
Associate Professor of Mathematics