De tsa da tse hi sdi sge sdi - Cherokee Renewal

Join Northeastern students Chris Amayetli Smith and Travis Tyree Wolfe at the NSU booth for a lesson in the past, present, and exciting future of the Cherokee language. Site of the Cherokee Female Seminary, Northeastern State University takes great pride in its Cherokee language revitalization efforts which include degrees in Cherokee Language Education and Cherokee Cultural Studies.


The Cherokee Language Multimedia Textbook Project, developed by a group of Cherokee language students with a vision to create innovative learning strategies and experimental teaching approaches utilizing digital media in multiple platforms in support of NSU's unique Cherokee Language degree program. The project focuses on intermediate level Cherokee language. The video documentary entitled "De tsa da tse hi sdi sge sdi - Cherokee Renewal" illustrates the context, culture, collaborations, resources, and visions which stimulate creative processes within the project.

Travis Tyree Wolfe
Senior, Cherokee Language Education Major

Travis Tyree Wolfe is a Cherokee education major with a minor in psychology. In the spring of 2009, he volunteered at the Center for Tribal Studies under the sponsorship of the United Keetoowah Band leadership program, and later acquired a position in the center's Cherokee Language Multimedia/Textbook Project in curriculum development. Whilst working for the center and attending classes, he is also an active member in Native American organizations, including the Native American Student Association (NASA), HIV/AIDS Native Peer Educators Coalition, and Phi Sigma Nu Native American fraternity. He continues to work within the Cherokee language to further the positive promotion of the Keetoowah and Cherokee people. He is engaged in a pre-intern teaching assignment at Maryetta Public School.

Chris Amayetli Smith
Senior, Cherokee Cultural Studies & Math Double Major

Christopher Amayetli Smith is double majoring in Cherokee cultural studies, with a focus on language revitalization, and mathematics, with a minor in Cherokee language. He began working at the Center for Tribal Studies in 2007 on the Cherokee Language Multimedia/Textbook Project team developing language learning applications using digital technology. He is a member of the Native American Student Association (NASA) and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). In 2009, he instructed Cherokee language and cultural activities for University of North Carolina students in the Cherokee Nation summer seminar at NSU. He remains active and works diligently on renewing the Cherokee language and the culture, heritage and values that go with it.

Presentation collaborators
  • Chris Smith, Senior, Cherokee Studies & Math Double Major, Project Media Specialist
  • Travis Wolfe, Junior, Cherokee Language Education Major, Project Curriculum Specialist
  • Dr. Phyllis Fife, Project Advisor, Cherokee Cultural Heritage Instructor
  • Wyman Kirk, Project Advisor, Cherokee Language Instructor