Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creative education partnerships:
Personal creation is up: choirs, music lessons, art classes.
Attendance at performing arts, popular music concerts and arts museums all dropping (26 to 31 percent).
1,041 arts-related biz employ 6,434 in OKC. National Creativity Index available for Congressional Districts at Americans for the Arts web site.
National Arts Index: 1999 highest (105.4): 2009 lowest (97.5). Mirrors the business cycle. New non-profits orgs be created every 3 hours; one-third struggling.
What's treasured is measured. Metrics: WSJ measured red table wine sales, number of HS grads, NPR stations.
Global index: China No. 29 on competitiveness, No. 36 on Creativity. China exporting educated people who want a better place to live and work.
Global Creativity Index: Richard Florida. Measure cultural tolerance.
Creativity equals innovation equals competitiveness Global Competitiveness Index by World Econoic Forum has 12 measures. Doesn't measure culture/quality of life
Esec focus on problem identification. School supers focus on problem solving.
IBM: job interviews are focused on if a candidate can envision and anricipate problems.
National Creativity Index.Randy Cohen: tracking creativity effectiveness. SUNY Buffalo: intl Center for Studies in Creativity.

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...

The Hartel Dance Group did a great performance to "Kung Fu Fighting" on the dance floor near the NSU booth. Very entertaining!
Microwind, solar panels, etc., can be metered separately in homes. In full deployment @ OGE. 165k out there; 1k each day. What will you do?
Lang: it isn't only corporations that will be innovative. Consumers are in control, too.
Killer apps over time: light bulb, wall socket. Newest: Smart grid standard for electricity. 5 million homes on line. Potential is $1.2 trillion savings.
So many different people from around the world have gathered here to learn about creativity. It is amazing!
Smart grid: wind power is important component. Creativity comes from customer participation. Abandoned top-down dictating. Education, price transparency works.
Smart grid: can't build a major nuclear or other power plant without having to import all parts from overseas.
Delaney: world's going electric with technology. TVs, devos consumption greater than fridges in US. 30 percent usage increase expected.
Delaney: electric supply demand growing while lowering emissions. World growth in demand is 60 percent by 2030. China building production in decade equal to US.
Silver Spring: Silicon Valley. Energy internat. Smartgrid provides carbon reduction that can equal 22 million cars. You can control energy use via laptop.
Peter Delaney, OGE; Scott Lang, Siver Spring Networks. Energy efficiency actions are international model.
What is creativity? To me, creativity is anything and everything you can think of. I think that having no limits to your ideas, no matter how big or small those ideas are.

Colorful Balloon Sculptures by Jason Hackenwerth

Balloon Sculptures were provided to the Creativity World Forum 2010 in Oklahoma City by artist Jason Hackenwerth out of New York City. Jason's work has been shown across the US in places like, The New Children's Museum in San Diego, Oklahoma City Arts Center, Harper College in Illinois, and Firehouse Gallery in Vermont, to name a few.

For more information on Jason Hackenwerth check out his site.

Impromptu Violin Performance

Kyle Dillingham is giving a great impromptu performance in the main lobby, outside of the Volunteer Registration area.

Check out his site here.


Poanel members discussing learning styles research. They are discussing how children learn in different ways. I wonder if they know that we have the learning styles institute at NSU and may be hosting the international learning styles organization at NSU?

Their conversation does reflect current thought but overall this is not new information. My dissertation in 1990 was on learning styles and preference for certain instructional approaches preferred by normal achieving and under achieving students.

The issue seems to be that we know what works but we haven't been able to implement what we know. At least not widely. Its in isolated pockets.

Which brings me back to yesterday's question about what policies, processes, and practices hinder us at NSU? Or anywhere for that matter?

Learning theory

Watching the pop up school presentation. Students from London. They demonstrated a mix of learning styles and multiple intelligence theories blended together to provide students a varied learning experience. Not new but now blended with technology so that schools can partner globally and share and learn from each other.
Pop up school engages all in teaching and learning switching roles throughout the interaction. Living a culture of learning,