Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ᎦᏙ ᏧᏙᎢᏓ? What's in a name?

ᏦᎢ ᎢᏳᏟᎶᏓ ᏣᎳᎩ ᏗᎾᏕᏠᏆᏍᎩ ᏓᏃᏪᎵᏍᎬᎢ ᎤᏗᏍᏈᏍᏗ ᏧᏓᎴᏅᏓ ᏧᎾᏙᎢᏓ ᏣᏔᎩ ᎬᏗ. ᎣᏍᏓ ᎾᎾᏛᏁᎭ. ᏭᎵᏍᏈᏗᏴ ᏧᎾᏙᎢᏓ (ᎾᏂᏪᏍᎬ) - "Delisia" ᎠᎴ "Sollen." Three hours in and the Cherokee Program students have been writing a lot of different names in Cherokee. They're doing a great job. The most interesting names so far (as indicated by the students)- "Delisia" and "Sollen."

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  1. Students are gearing up for the first big wave of participants of the day. Rossista is a favorite so far.